Growers are eligible for payments of up to $10 - $15+/A (can be more based on the county within your state) when implementing enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) through the USDA’s Conservation Stewardship Program (E590A) – and Arclin’s NitroGain fertilizers qualify for these payments!

Visit the Financial Assistance section on the NRCS-USDA website.

It’s clean, green chemistry.

Arclin is applying its expertise in innovative bonding chemistries to address needs for high performing and environmentally friendly product alternatives in a variety of industries. Fertilizers that bond to soils to reduce runoff and increase product yield, dust suppression aids that protect raw materials and increase operational efficiencies, and applications for oil and natural gas fields that protect water sources and increase yields.

New test results in on Arclin's NitroGain® Slow Release Fertilizer

In a recent study conducted by NC State University's Vernon James Research Center in Plymouth, NC, Arclin outperformed competitor products for yield for the second year in a row, and ranked near the top on test weight and low moisture content.

Field trials with NCSU were conducted in the spring of 2021 utilizing Arclin’s NitroGain 28% and 30% Liquid Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer. Wheat, corn and soybeans were trialed against alternative Nitrogen-based fertilizers. Results demonstrate lower application rates while increasing yields and revenue potential.

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